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What do honey bees do all day?

You’ve seen bees buzzing around the garden but have you ever wondered what goes on inside the beehive?

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe honey bee has many duties during it’s life. You can see in the chart all the different tasks depending non their age

  • 0-4 days: Call cleaning and incubation
  • 3-12 days: Feeding larvae
  • between 6th & 10th day: First nurser flights, around midday
  • 6-15 days: Wax-making and comb-building
  • 8-16 days: Reception and storage of nectar; packing of pollen in cells
  • 14-18 days: They get to guard the entrance( this is when I see them!), clear debris and funeral bearer duties
  • 19th day: Begin to pay attention to the waggle dance (google search results)
  • 18-30/35 days: Foraging for honey and pollen ( this is when you see them)
  • 25-30/35 days: Collecting propolis

A normal healthy colony of bees will have 10,000 or less in winter to over 50,000 in the high summer. The queen can live 3-4 yrs but is only efficient for 2 yrs. She gives of a pheromone that the worker bees need to stay happy and this reduces as the queen gets older. The worker then may decide to replace her!

During high summer the foraging worker bees are working very hard and may only live for 5 weeks but during the winter can live 6 months.

In the short video below you can see the bee bringing in pollen attached to their legs…