Swarm Collection

Save the Bees! Contact your local beekeeper first

What does a collectable swarm look like?

2012-07-25 08.19.52-1This picture shows a small swarm of honey bees which has gathered on a holly bush branch. If your swarm looks like this – and is easily accessible then we may be able to deal with it. Typically bees will stay in this swarm cluster for a few hours before moving on (maybe even a couple of days).

For swarms found in East Lothian call Bryden 01875 811387

IMPORTANT: If the swarm is not out in the open, clustered and accessible we won’t be able to collect the swarm. In this situation please either contact your local council’s Pest Control Dept or a private Pest Control Contractor.

If I am not available or you are too far away try East Lothian Beekeepers Association