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Fact Sheets: discovering
Discovering Fact SheetsThese research sheets will grow over time to cover a wide range of themes.

They have been produced in collaboration with a variety of FACE members and partners, who are acknowledged on the individual sheets.

All sheets are © FACE and associated member organisations (unless otherwise stated), but may be downloaded and copied for use within educational establishments.

The following sheets are available. View them on screen, or download to your computer in PDF or Word document format.

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Anerobic Digestion and Biogas What is Anerobic Digestion and what is Biogas used for?
(With thanks to Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust & Martin Davies)
Animal Genetics and Biotechnology What is biotechnolgy and why is an understanding of animal genetics important to the future of farming?
Beef What is the history of beef cattle and how is beef produced today?
beef.doc (146k)
beef.pdf (62k)
Biodiesel and Vegetable Oil as a Fuel What is Biodiesel and how is it produced?
(With thanks to Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust & Martin Davies)
Cereals Which cereals are grown for their grain, how are they harvested and what are they used for?
Farm Buildings What kinds of buildings are found on farms and how have they developed?
Farm Diversification Why and how have farmers sought alternative ways of making an income?
Farm Machinery How has farm machinery developed through history and what farm processes are now mechanised?
Farming in Britain What has brought about changes in the countryside and in what ways do farmers care for it?
Farming & the Countryside How has the countryside changed and what do farmers do to manage it?
Farming & the EU What is the Common Agricultural Policy and how have reforms impacted on agriculture?
cap.doc (43k)
cap.pdf (19k)
Horticulture: Introduction What does horticulture mean? Why are certain agricultural crops grown?
Horticulture: Facts & Figures What statistics are available for horticultural production?
Integrated Farm Management What is the farming system that combines traditional farming with modern technology?
ifm.doc (83kb)
ifm.pdf (189kb)
Oilseeds What is oilseed rape and how is the crop used?
Organic Farming What is meant by the term “organic”, how is organic farming practised and what are its benefits?
Pigs What is the history of domestic pig production and how are pigs kept today?
pigs.doc (786k)
pigs.pdf (217k)
Plant Breeding How and why does plant breeding take place? What is genetic modification and is it safe?
Poultry An Overview of the Poultry Industry in the UK
Rare breeds How have some breeds of animal become rare and why do we need to save them?
Renewable Energy Facts Facts on Renewable Energy.
(With thanks to Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust & Martin Davies)
Sheep What are the different reasons for keeping sheep in the past and nowadays? What happens during the shepherd’s year?
sheep.doc (179k)
sheep.pdf (61k)
Sugarbeet Where is sugar beet grown and how is it processed?
Sustainable Agriculture What is the future for farmers in the UK? And what impact do they have on society, the environment and the economy?
Woodlands Why do some farms have woodlands? What are the purposes of trees and how are they managed?

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