Fact Sheets – Exploring

Fact Sheets: exploring
ExploringThese research sheets will increase in number over time to cover a wide
range of topics.They are intended as an introductory aid to exploring the topics using the web.They may be downloaded and copied for use within educational establishments.

The views expressed on the websites signposted are not necessarily those of
FACE. All hyperlinks are correct at time of publishing.

The following sheets are available. Download them to your computer in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Access to the Countryside
Find out where you can go and what you can do in the countryside.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Find out how apples can be part of a healthy balanced diet.
Balance of Good Health
Part of keeping our bodies healthy involves eating a variety of foods. Find out what these are.
Balance of Good Health
Climate change
Follow website links to learn more about changes in our climate and how these might impact on what we grow
Countryside Recreation
Find out about what the countryside provides for recreational activity.
Do we care where our food comes from?
Investigate the origins of the foods we buy, learn about food miles and source some local foods.
Do we care where our food comes from
Farming and the environment
Learn how wildlife can benefit agriculture.

Fly Tipping
Explore the issues and impacts of fly-tipping and litter
Fly-tipping and Litter
Food Assurance Schemes
Food schemes set out rules or “standards” which farmers and growers agree to meet. They tend to cover food safety and traceability, animal welfare and environmental protection.
 food assurance
Food Miles
Examine the journeys foods make before they reach your plate! Consider why you might want to cut down the miles.
Food miles
Food production and processing
Find out the many ways in which your food is grown and prepared.
Food production and processing
Food Security
Today we face the challenge of feeding a growing population in the future. At the same time we must learn how to live within the natural limits of the planet.
 Food Security (190.99 kB)
Food Security
Green Growth 1
Can we have economic growth and preserve the earth’s resources at the same time?
Green growth
Green Growth 2
We know economic growth has to be matched by the preservation of the earth’s resources. But the means by which this is achieved are not always popular, especially in rural areas. Why not?
Green growth
Habitats on the Farm 1
Britain’s farmers are working to improve biodiversity in the countryside by changing the ways they manage their land to create and protect a variety of habitats for different birds, mammals and insects.
Habitats on the Farm 2
Farmers have to make a profit from their business to make a living but they balance this with caring for the environment.
Look at the history of harvesting and learn about the significance of the harvest today.
Read about the way in which our landscape has developed and find out who cares for land and buildings.
Local food
In 21st century Britain most shoppers buy their food from supermarkets but there is a surge of interest in buying local foods direct from farmers and growers.
Local food
Non-food Crops
Research the crops which are being grown for purposes other than food.
none food crops
People who work in the countryside

Look up some of the varied jobs and careers that involve the countryside.

Rural Housing
What is the Greenbelt and do we need to build houses for young people on it?
Rural Housing
School dinners
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been busy publicising the quality of school dinners. This fact sheet discusses why they exsist and signposts some good resources and information surronding the topic.
School dinners
The living countryside
Whether or not you live in the countryside, find out what are the benefits and disadvantages of rural living.
The living countryside
What else can a farmer do to make money?
There have been many crises in farming in recent years so find out about some alternative ways for farmers to make an income.
What esle can a farmer do to make money?

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