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It’s a Wrap, Back to School

Wrapping veg

Your children can go back to school in style and get brownie points from the teachers too! These perfectly sized lunch wraps are great for a small sandwich and a snack, very colourful so not thrown out. No need for cling film, aluminium foil or plastic food bags. Made with organic cotton fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin so they works just like clingfilm but eco-friendly and as they’re breathable and naturally antibacterial they keep the food fresher for longer.

Easy to clean. If just a few crumbs just brush away and ready to reuse. If a needing a clean just hand wash like a plate in cold water with a little mild washing up liquid like Ecover or Method, hang to air dry, roll up ready for the next day. The wraps are so good you can see good bye to plastic and you’ll want more for your kitchen. After a couple of months of heavy use you can follow our care instructions to give them a refresh. Will last up to a year or even longer.

Go Plastic Free

Really happy with these, so useful, we even used them for our picnics on holiday.

Emma C

Organic designs lunch packs £10
Non-organic designs; Fast cars and Happy Bees £9.50
Flat rate postage for any quantity. Free delivery if order is over £50

Available in 10 funky designs