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Harvesting honey is a real labour of love

It certainly does take many hours to extract the honey then clean up after, here’s the list of tasks!

  • First I have to protect myself from stings
  • Fire up a smoker to sedate the bees
  • Crack the hive open
  • Lift heavy boxes
  • Pull out the frames, trying not to squash bees
  • Brush the bees off the combs, or visit the day before to place a clearer board!
  • Transport the frames to my home for processing
  • Cut the wax capping off each frame with a knife 
  • Put them in an extractor to spin out the honey
  • Filter out all the wax etc
  • Clean up the floors, counter top, extractor, me!

And if that’s not enough hard work, the frames have to go back to the hives again….

This is the future of beekeeping. I’d love to convert our hives to this new system, better for the beekeeper, me, and easier for the bees. The company, Flow-Hive has raised over $6 million and has gone in to production delivering units from December 2015