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Plans for 2016/17 – Free Books for Schools

1crunchThe free books for schools campaign  #buzzaboutfood started at Haddington Food Assembly in October. Donations from members allowed me to buy a set of Educational books for children, on sustainable farming and honeybees. The 1st school to receive the books will be The Compass School in Haddington. One hundred books are a great resource for the children at the school. To help more children in other areas benefit from the free books Compass School will “pay it forward” and are donating £50. This donation will allow me to buy 450 books to give to local schools.

“the staff thought the books are very well-presented and could be used in their work with the children in supporting a number of curricular topics.” Mark Becher, headmaster, The Compass School, Haddington

If you would like to support this campaign please donate using the button below. For every £10 donated one school can receive 90 books. If there is a group or school you would like the books to go to please mention in the donation comments.

May 2016

2016-04-13-15-30-302nd Funding Goal £180 reach May 2016:
Thanks for all the support and donations. Portable Observation hive allows safe viewing of bees without the need to open the hive. Perfect for talks, school visits and on site visits. In May 2016 the funding goal was reach. For 2017 once there are bees in the hive it will be available for viewing. Get in touch for further information about a school visit


April 2015

1st Funding Goal £200: Achieved April 2015 – thanks to Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Council.
Used to buy seven protective beekeeper suits & gloves – various sizes for adults and children

Thanks to Bryden for a fascinating hour this afternoon, visiting his hives and learning about the bees. Ewan (7) loved…

Posted by Jo Phillipson on Monday, 10 August 2015

“Great environment for kids to learn about bees” , Kirsty Nicol

visitThroughout the summer I open up the apiary to the public with pre-arranged bee hive visits. These free beekeeper experience days prove very popular with parents, children & community groups.

The visits last about 1 hour and involves wearing all the beekeeper clothing, handling equipment and in late summer helping with feeding the bees. The children enjoy watching the bees fly into the hive carrying their load of different coloured pollen and seeing the bees interact with each other. When possible we open up one of the hives so that we can see inside

The aim is to provide a positive ‘bee-friendly’ experience, share my fascination with honeybees and see the bees close up as they go about their work in and outside the hive.

These visits are largely thanks to Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Council who donated £200 towards the buying of various sized beekeeping protective overalls & gloves. Without their kind donation I would not have been able to give up my free time for the apiary visits.


“It was really good to have you at our meeting. Your talk was very interesting and the questions that followed showed that those present had listened to what you said and wanted to know more!”
Isobel, Cockenzie West Tenants and Residents Group

Throughout the year I am available for honeybee talks. I come along with equipment talk about bees, a typical day as a beekeeper and share interesting facts about beekeeping & bees. When available I bring along honey to taste.