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Seedballs – Change your landscape and help the bees

Seedball tins now available from our store with free postage.

Launched in May 2011, Project Maya’s Seedball project aims to help increase UK urban wildflower and pollinator abundance.

Seed balls provide a simple and effective technique for growing wildflowers from seed and are based on work by the Japanese natural farming innovator Masanobu Fukuoka. Made with clay, compost and chilli powder, seed balls provide protection from seed predators and nutrients for early growth. As the seeds are encased within their own mini-ecosystem, there’s no need to plant the seed balls – just scatter on top of soil or compost and let nature take over.

Plant a seed,  change your landscape and help the bees and butterflies.

Available from our shop, Southside Food Assembly and Haddington Food Assembly.

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Haddington Online Farmer’s Market is Open

Food Assembly-HaddingtonWith great weather it’s a perfect time for salads. Order today and create your recipes. How about finely sliced salad turnip & radish mixed with spinach & salad leaves, all from East Coast Organics, topped with natural oak smoked chipotle oil from Black and Gold with a slice of tasty sourdough bread from Dunbar community bakery or Khleb Bakery on the side. Very tasty!

Jennifer won the cotton bag for placing the first order. Will you be the next winner? The 14th order will win a cotton food assembly shopping bag.

By ordering from the assembly you’re supporting local food producers & farmers and reducing the impact of food miles. On average, food at supermarkets has travelled 600 miles. Here at Haddington Food Assembly it’s less than 6 miles!

Your fresh produce from us is so much fresher too, than supermarkets, picked and cut on Monday ready for you to collect. You’ll find many items no more expensive than Tesco and cheaper than Morrisons.

But more importantly it’s all local from East Lothian’s farmers and artisan food producers.

Why not order as a group? If you’re in a small community you can all order separately with just one member collecting everything. What about delivery, if we could deliver your order on Monday night would that help?

The collection day is every Monday between 6 and 7pm


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Recipe: Melt In Your Mouth Raw Honey, Dark Chocolate & Coconut Bites

Dark Chocolate CoconutDark Chocolate Honey Bites

1 cup Jacobite East Lothian honey (stockists – The Mousehole Deli in Portobello)
1 cup Lucy Bee extra virgin raw organic coconut oil  
1 cup cocoa powder (try extra brute red brown from Cocoa Barry)
1 tsp of pure vanilla extract (I used Bulletproof Madagascar upgraded vanilla)
1/2 tsp sea salt (ad more for that sweet salted taste)
optional: nuts (salted nuts even better!)


Place all ingredients in a food processor and process until well blended. Line a large loaf pan with wax/parchment paper and spread mixture about 2cm thick. Wrap up in parchment paper and refrigerate for several hours (overnight) Cut into small squares and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Tip: Don’t melt the coconut oil or it will sit on the top of the cocoa honey mixture. Lightly soften. It’s ok if some of the oil sets on the top. Less honey will give a firmer texture.

Resources for this recipe;

Cocoa Power from Chocolate Falls

Upgraded Vanilla from Enhanced Nation