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It’s a Wrap, Back to School

Wrapping veg

Your children can go back to school in style and get brownie points from the teachers too! These perfectly sized lunch wraps are great for a small sandwich and a snack, very colourful so not thrown out. No need for cling film, aluminium foil or plastic food bags. Made with organic cotton fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin so they works just like clingfilm but eco-friendly and as they’re breathable and naturally antibacterial they keep the food fresher for longer.

Easy to clean. If just a few crumbs just brush away and ready to reuse. If a needing a clean just hand wash like a plate in cold water with a little mild washing up liquid like Ecover or Method, hang to air dry, roll up ready for the next day. The wraps are so good you can see good bye to plastic and you’ll want more for your kitchen. After a couple of months of heavy use you can follow our care instructions to give them a refresh. Will last up to a year or even longer.

Go Plastic Free

Really happy with these, so useful, we even used them for our picnics on holiday.

Emma C

Organic designs lunch packs £10
Non-organic designs; Fast cars and Happy Bees £9.50
Flat rate postage for any quantity. Free delivery if order is over £50

Available in 10 funky designs

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We’re expanding and moving to Cockenzie House

With the success of our reusable eco-friendly beeswax food wraps we’re expanding and moving out of our home to new business premises at Cockenzie House. The new studio will enable us to make more wraps and meet the high demand. Everyone want to cut down on single use plastic and the beeswax wraps are a great way to achieve this. Use the wraps just like cling film or foil but they last at least 12 months or longer!

Our beeswax wraps are flexible and slightly adhesive. You use the warmth of your hands to shape & seal

around your food or container. Great for lunch packs, cheese, snacks, bread, cut veg, fruit, endless possibilities!

Made with pure beeswax (from East Lothian when available), natural tree resin & jojoba oil  which is melted then infused into 100% cotton cloth.  The beeswax mixture gives the cloth natural antibacterial properties slowing the rate of food decomposition to optimise the life and flavour of your food. Biodegradable so once finished with, cut up and compost.

The packs we make come in varies sizes and fabrics whether you like robots, bees, super heroes, floral, fun & funky or just a plain design, we can make to order. We supply direct from our website, through The Food Assembly and have a growing list of stockists if you would like to stock them.

Available Nationwide!
Would you like to stock our beeswax wraps?     click here

 Make it Wild


Haddington Food Assembly

Southside Food Assembly Edinburgh

Soon available at Stirling Food Assembly

Soon available at Leith Food Assembly

Beech & Birch – Gifford


National Beekeeping Centre Wales

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Seedballs – Change your landscape and help the bees

Seedball tins now available from our store with free postage.

Launched in May 2011, Project Maya’s Seedball project aims to help increase UK urban wildflower and pollinator abundance.

Seed balls provide a simple and effective technique for growing wildflowers from seed and are based on work by the Japanese natural farming innovator Masanobu Fukuoka. Made with clay, compost and chilli powder, seed balls provide protection from seed predators and nutrients for early growth. As the seeds are encased within their own mini-ecosystem, there’s no need to plant the seed balls – just scatter on top of soil or compost and let nature take over.

Plant a seed,  change your landscape and help the bees and butterflies.

Available from our shop, Southside Food Assembly and Haddington Food Assembly.