Cockenzie-HoneyHere at Jacobite Apiaries we produce limited edition, superior quality, raw Scottish honey from our honey bees in East Lothian and near Edinburgh.

Raw? Raw honey is unpasteurised, how nature intended us to eat it, straight from the hive into the jar without heat or fine filtering meaning keeping in all the natural goodness. (Heating honey above the natural hive temperature kills all the health benefits)

Our small batches of local Scottish honey are always in high demand from the September harvest up to Christmas, then usually sold out!

With the Scottish weather as it it with wet summers Scottish honey is always in demand and short supply. Jacobite brand hit the shelves in September 2014 after 2 years of no honey. In the news, East Lothian Courier wrote an article.

We produce honey from Cockenzie, Prestonpans, Ormiston, Aberlady & Melville Castle. Each jar batch keeps it’s identity from hive to hive so you get a different tasting honey every time depending what flowers the bees have been foraging on.

Get Jacobite honey from local stockist in East Lothian.

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